Scarlxrd 2018 European Tour

From May until June, Wolverhampton based rapper Scarlxrd was away on his debut tour, beginning in the EU and ending in Moscow. With Lighting designed, pre-visualised and conceptualized by, the tour zig-zagged across the continent through festivals, and venues of all sizes.

Scarlxrd’s management team, Rich Management was very keen to invest in a lighting package that would give the show a unique identity, so it was decided that we would design and build what would become known as ‘the cage’. 5 panels, each with 7x 1.4m horizontal strips of colour changing LED strip, culminating in a total of 35 individually controllable bars.

The system was built and programmed in Birmingham, and after a small warm up show at London’s Camden Underworld, and a couple of pre-production days, the debut tour was on its way.

There’s lots more to come from Scarlxrd, with a UK tour just confirmed for September. Watch this space for more news…

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