From May until June, Wolverhampton based rapper Scarlxrd was away on his debut tour, beginning in the EU and ending in Moscow. With Lighting designed, pre-visualised and conceptualized by, the tour zig-zagged across the continent through festivals, and venues of all sizes. Scarlxrd's management team, Rich Management was very keen to invest in a [...]

A long bank holiday, a sold out crowd at Birmingham's International Convention Centre and a lot of blue light. Presented by local radio star Tom Ross and celebrity chef Glynn Purnell, the awards saw a huge celebration in the ICC's Hall 3 the day after the club were saved from would-be relegation in and end [...]

Birmingham has been chosen as the host city for the 2022 Commonwealth games, and to welcome Team England's 2018 athletes home from the Golden Coast in Australia, the council staged a huge event in the city centre to officially hand the games over. Based in Victoria Square, at the front of Birmingham's council house chambers, [...]