Club Fierce is an ever evolving live art phenomenon which has descended on warehouse spaces around Birmingham several times since it's inception. I've had the pleasure of designing the last 3 of those events, and below are some pictures of the last 2. The events combine DJs with live artists and sometimes specially commissioned pieces [...]

My 5th consecutive year designing the main stage at Leicester City Council's Abbey Park fireworks display. This year, the organisers wanted a 'Saturday Night Fever' theme to compliment the disco acts that graced the stage.This involved us bringing in 6 giant 1m mirrorballs to hang around the stage and site. 25,000 people were reported to [...]

Fierce Festival happens bi-annually in Birmingham, and is a celebration of all things "we dont give a flying f***". It's an amazing experience and over dozens of venues across the city of Birmingham performances were staged over an eight day period to largely sold out crowds. There's a highlight reel for the first part of [...]